old boys

January 26, 2008 at 4:12 pm (ramblings, Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

I just came back from a reunion dinner with my secondary 1/2 classmates from RI at Brewerkz. No, not that type of Chinese New Year reunion dinner, but one where we could meet up after almost 6 years of not seeing each other.

I guess I could say the turnout was pretty good – 13 of us out of the original class of 34 were present while some others were overseas or just too busy to come. Some of us did change physically: growing longer hair, having growth spurts, slimming down and what not, while others (myself included ^^;) just stayed and looked the same.

We talked about many things over the overpriced dinner and smooth beer such as former teachers, old classmates, National Service and even forgotten register numbers (my friend kindly reminded me I was no. 31 lol) Everyone was feeling nostalgic and sheepish at the same time as we relived the old memories, whether good or bad – but mostly good I guess.

Plans about the present and future were discussed as well, with everyone getting a sit-rep from everyone they haven’t seen in years. Laughter was traded, smiles were given and friendships were rekindled as the night went on.

As for me, I just felt pretty damn happy.

Because I just remembered how much I miss you guys.


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