headbanging headache

March 3, 2008 at 1:48 pm (ramblings) (, , , )

Or I might like to add, in case your PC crashes all of a sudden and there seems no way to revive it.

Yeah, that happened to me, yours dearest.

On second thought, if a crowbar was really on hand I probably would have smashed the monitor on the gazillionth Windows reinstallation attempt which failed badly.

Thankfully, the guys over at GooGoo (where I ordered the PC) provided some swift tech support and by Saturday morning, the CPU had made a trip to their workplace and back to my home in a span of 2 days, working as good as new. Yeah, by ‘new’ I mean that the data that was on board before was wiped out as well, but luckily the important documents were saved on a portable HDD already – a lesson learned from a previous crash. Oh well ^^;;


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