april fool’s day

April 1, 2008 at 10:17 pm (news, ramblings, wtf?) (, , , , , , , )

Today, I met up with my JC classmates Swee and Ten to renew our passports for the upcoming Thailand trip in June, as well as to do our pre-university medical examination at the same time. Turns out my passport is already 10 years old so I would have to apply for a brand new one which costs a whopping 70 bucks!

I actually thought the clerk at the desk was pulling a fast one on me considering the date today and all, but upon further consideration I decided that this civil servant couldn’t give a shit whether today was the end of the world or not with that face of his -_-”

Thankfully, the staff at NUS were considerably more friendly to us prospective students and the whole medical exam went without a hitch. We took some time off while waiting for the X-ray to survey our future campus grounds and for some reason I thought the buildings were a tad old, but I guess I can’t complain too much with only 3 universities on the island at the moment.

I’m actually one of the rare few among my friends going for the Special Term which starts earlier in May as compared to the normal semester in August, so it looks like I’ll be getting quite familiar with the place come one and a half months time ^^;

As you’d probably notice by now, nothing really amusing happened on the first of April in my life so I was sadly left to my own devices to look for something to enrich my day.

So, I went to the Internet (where else? ^^;) and I found that there was nothing short of April Fool’s pranks and gags on the world wide web. It seems that everyone’s trying their best to create the most elaborate schemes to prey upon the unwitting minds of the average surfer.

And when I thought I’ve seen it all, I stumble upon this cracker of a news :


No Picnic: Man Charged With Screwing a Patio Table

Police in Ohio say that a married father of three has confessed to repeatedly having sex with his patio picnic table.

Art Price, Jr., 40, has been charged with four counts of public indecency after a neighbor videotaped him getting all nasty with the umbrella hole in the middle of his plastic picnic table. Apparently preferring the table’s legs in the air, Price reportedly flipped the table over before forcing himself inside of it.

Price admitted that his skeevy antics took place both inside and outside of his home, and police say he did his table humping in broad daylight, not far from a school.

In addition to public outrage, we imagine there’s considerable jealousy among Price’s other lawn furniture. While barbecues and lawn chairs don’t have many places for good loving (unless you’re big enough for that drink holder), we’re sure that plastic gnome hiding in the hedges is wondering why he wasn’t chosen. The garden hose, however, is probably pretty relieved.

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It’s things like these which make you think life isn’t so dull anymore. Not.


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