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I’ve just got back from my week-long break in Thailand two days ago and decided to keep the rest of the week free to rest and slack about before resuming work at Singapore Pools.

That also means more time to manage West Ham in FM2008, as well as to catch up on all the unwatched anime on my HDD ^^;

shinkurou & murasaki

Speaking of which, I just finished watching the last two episodes of kure-nai which was a series I thought was really worth mentioning.

Sure, the usual blockbuster combo of Macross Frontier and Code Geass don’t disappoint every week (mostly), but for some reason I look forward to every installment of this slice-of-life anime as well.

Why? I’m not sure how do I put this myself. It just feels different I guess. With all the cookie-cutter harem, school romance, mecha, ecchi and seinen anime sprouting out these days, Kure-nai comes across as a fresh face.

Plot-wise it’s nothing special :

“Sixteen-year-old Shinkurō Kurenai, a specialist in settling squabbles between people, is one day approached by his employer with the daughter of a powerful plutocratic family asking him to be her bodyguard.” Wikipedia says.

However, I find the character interactions to be full of meaning, conversations to be suitably complex and every little action taken detailed, at least on the whole. Oh, and a soothing soundtrack doesn’t hurt as well. It just dares to break the norm of the brainless plots you see so often, and that’s a huge plus for me.

Sadly, I think it’s because of this that Kure-nai is not so widely received as say, Kanokon or To-Love-ru, which is quite a shame because its a real gem compared to their mindless boob grabs.

To each his own, I guess. I was thinking, if this post even manages to encourage just one more viewer then I would surely be more than satisfied ^^;

That said and done, I think I better start looking for a Kure-nai replacement to satiate my appetite.

Wish me luck though, I think I’ll need it..


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