losing eleven

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It’s probably the last weekend before I pack up my bags for Krabi and Bangkok for a nice holiday. The past few days have been real hectic though. Had my Econs exam last Friday and even though it was MCQ only, I don’t think I fared really well. Ah well, can’t do much but wait for the results to be released on 4th July. At least it’s one thing off my chest ^^;

Moving on to not so happy stuff – I got knocked out of the 2nd round of the Winning Eleven tournament I was taking part in yesterday. It was kind of an anti-climax since I was feeling pretty confident in the 2 weeks leading up to the competition but something just gave way I guess.

I waited one and a half hours to play, gave away cheap goals, conceded a penalty, had a man sent off and lost 4-3 and 3-3 over 2 legs – in short I played like crap. Sylvia not being behind my back rooting for me hurt as well, since she had to do some last minute shopping for work clothes. Left the place feeling sore and dejected but at least it was a good experience.

After that, we rushed down to Changi Village to attend Jin Han’s 21st birthday and by the time we got there it was nearly 9 – terribly not early ^^; Got to see some old classmates, like Theresa and Razak whom we’ve not seen in ages (2+ years?) It’s kinda funny that it takes another person’s birthday to see them again, but I’m not complaining though.

We decided to get the birthday boy a Manchester United Champions League jersey with Rooney on the back, him being a Man Utd fan and all and luckily he liked it a lot. I’m sure he loved the Wii he got that night though, lucky bugger ^^;

Went home all tired and worn out, but Euro fever awaited me! The match that night was the quarter-finals between Russia and Netherlands, two attacking sides which promised to light up the match. Surprisingly, it was the Russians who were playing more like the Dutch and deservedly they won 3-1 in extra time to book a place in the semis. The performance of their star playmaker Andrey Arshavin was especially pleasing to watch, contributing to the breakthrough second goal and snagging a third for himself. I won’t be surprised to see him plying his trade in the EPL next season, though he’s already playing on my West Ham team in Football Manager 2008 ^^;

The only football I like to watch is attacking football and as such I was backing the Netherlands to go all the way. Since now that they’re out, I might just fancy the Russians to duke it out with the Germans for an epic final which I’ll be catching in Bangkok. Great stuff ^^;


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