ZETA plus C1

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Well, it’s August in a blink of an eye. School’s starting next week much to my chagrin, but on the bright side EPL is making its comeback on the weekends and my birthday is this Friday!

I guess this year is kinda special and all, since it’s 08/08/08 and the start of the Olympics so I was wondering whether I should just try my hand at the special S$8 million TOTO draw on the very day.

Who knows, maybe I will have more luck on my birthday than usual ^^;

Wishful thinking aside, I finally completed my Zeta Plus C1 Gundam model that I bought 3 years ago. Hurray!! XD

Box art

Box art

Yeah, that’s right – the box was sitting in a corner of my wardrobe for 3 long years since I lugged it back from a hobby shop in HK. It was much cheaper there than the market price so I thought, Hey why not? At least I will just sell it for a profit back home..

Alas, the masters of procrastination got me as usual. That is, until now ^^;

I finally got my butt moving a few weeks ago after some prodding from Via and I was pretty free anyway so I decided to give it a shot.

Before etching

Before etching

I don’t usually paint my gundams – just the usual snap-fitting of parts and posing the final mecha in my cupboard so they don’t really look as good as they should.

This time around I decided to do the Zeta a bit more justice, but an air compressor is still way out of my league so I settled for spray cans instead. They weren’t too cheap though ^^;

(1 can of dark grey + 1 can of light grey + 1 can of Top Coat = S$25+)

Transformation was a bitch -_-"

Transformation was a bitch -_-"

Following the guide from dannychoo, I sprayed the runners out of the box without snipping anything off. I’d say this method sure saves a lot of time and was pretty fun to boot, other than the fact I messed up the first runner by spraying too close ^^;

However, I found out later that for some reason the parts are much more difficult to put together than usual, probably because of an extra coat of paint on the connectors, and that resulted in some really sore fingers during assembly -_-”

That, as well as the nip marks which were really obvious in some places but I ran out of paint to spray over them -_-”

The long weapon kinda limits its poses

The long weapon kinda limits its poses

Made a few mistakes along the way as usual such as screwing up the inking, missing out on a tiny part and having 2 left legs(!) at one point in time, but all’s well ends well I guess.

In addition to painting, I decided to try my hand at the etching of logos as well since I never really knew how to before I read the guide.

I kinda messed up lots of times but luckily there were lots of spares ^^;

But seriously, etching is real difficult. The closest I got was 2 fine cracks in a logo and that was it. The really bad ones I attribute to wear and tear during battle ^^;

battle damage

Battle damage ^^;

However, I do admit it makes the Zeta look more kickass along with the painting.

All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with the final outcome and it’s now sitting proudly in my cupboard :)

Oh, and did I forget to mention that I bought two models from HK? The other one’s a Nu-Gundam, which is probably bigger and more complex judging from the box size and price.

Another time and day perhaps? ^^;

Final product

Final product XD


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