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It’s amazing what anime can do sometimes.

Yeah sure, people do say they are for kids, pedophiles, perverts and what have you all the time, but I dare say that those people are the ones that have not watched a great show to change their stereotypes yet.

Well, at least for me it sure helps to raise my spirits when needed ^^;

Today was a crap of a day at school – had to do 2 mid-term tests which I screwed up big time in addition to lessons and to top it all off, I could only get home by 11pm. Me being mentally drained as I reach my doorstep is a serious understatement -_-”

Of course, that didn’t stop me from catching the last episodes of both Code Geass and Macross Frontier.I knew I just had to catch them before I sleep if not I wouldn’t sleep well. Probably ^^;

As last episodes always go, you don’t want everything to end yet you want to know what happens next. Kinda paradoxical I know and it eats at me sometimes lol.

code geass

code geass

I decided to catch Geass first though, like I usually do. Although I knew a ‘bad’ ending was coming, I still did not expect Lelouch’s plan to involve sacrificing himself at the end. Kinda drastic measure if you asked me :X

At least Suzaku was alive at the end – I just could not believe he got his ass handed to him by Kallen, but how the heck did he survive the explosion anyway? I guess some laws of anime are better left undefined :P

Although everything was tied up after all, I can’t help but feel a little empty – not because the series has ended, but the last few episodes seemed like an awful rush to me. Everything was just happening so fast that it seemed as if the producers ran out of episodes to put everything in.

As a whole, I felt that Geass had a great first season but the second season just failed to live up to its expectations. The potential was definitely there but left unfulfilled I guess – the ending just lacked the sort of oomph that was required. Still, non too shabby ^^;

macross frontier

macross frontier

Macross Frontier on the other hand was just epic.

The last few episodes kinda degenerated into some lifeless love triangle going nowhere, but the finale was pure gold.

Fantastic CG, wide variety of songs, great dogfights and a feel-good ending – what more can a Macross fan ask for really? ^^;

Granted, some parts were stretching it a little and the boss went down a little too fast for my liking but I think I’m just nitpicking actually :X

The empty feeling was back again – but this time it was due to the realisation that such awesomeness doesn’t come every so often and I’ve just watched the last 24 minutes of it. Damn.

Well, after 2 blockbuster series ending at the same time, it’s kinda sad when you realise that the characters aren’t coming back next week anymore to liven up your lives for at least the length of an episode.

As they always like to say, all good things come to an end T_T

On the bright side, let’s hope next week’s second season of Gundam 00 doesn’t disappoint too much ^^;

gundam 00

gundam 00

btw, all images are taken and linked to gelbooru ^^;


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