(uuu uuu uma uma)^100

February 19, 2008 at 3:34 am (jap, lol, videos) (, , )

Ok ok, I admit it shows nothing but a guy shaking his hips and flapping his hands to a wacky song for a whole 2.5 minutes, but I just can’t stop being highly amused throughout.

Gimme a sec while I go watch it again ^^;

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godzilla sticky men

January 28, 2008 at 12:43 pm (jap, Uncategorized, videos, wow, wtf?) (, , )

I’m sure anyone who has walked along Orchard Road recently has seen them – peddlers selling a basket full of ‘sticky man’ toys. Well, today I just found out they are actually called Wacky WallWalkers (the power of wikipedia ^^;), but thats besides the point. The thing is, some wacky Japanese actually recreated a live-sized sticky man and let it loose on a building. Unsurprisingly, the results are hilarious, even if they aren’t too successful to begin with but who cares anyway? XD

To be perfectly honest, I much preferred the 1st clip where it made a hole in the roof ^^;

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me, myself and I

January 23, 2008 at 1:15 pm (gaming, jap, wtf?) (, , , )

I recently stumbled upon this really unique Japanese game while getting my usual dosage of gaming news from Gameaxis. Named Cursor * 10, this flash applet basically has you literally moving your mouse cursor from one level to the next while its life counts down to zero at the bottom right of the screen. When your cursor does ‘die’, you start all over from level 1 again – but this time you have a little help from your ghost which does exactly the same thing it did. Sounds downright bizarre but – well, you just have to try it for yourself ^^;;

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to beyond and infinity

January 22, 2008 at 12:45 pm (jap, news, wow, wtf?) (, , , )

I guess everyone has folded and thrown a paper aeroplane before – be it at your friends during school or just to kill some time and trees in the process. Well, here’s something you probably haven’t done and would never get to do ever :

Origami spaceplane to launch from space station

Researchers from the University of Tokyo have teamed up with members of the Japan Origami Airplane Association to develop a paper aircraft capable of surviving the flight from the International Space Station to the Earth’s surface.

The researchers are scheduled to begin testing the strength and heat resistance of an 8 centimeter (3.1 in) long prototype on January 17 in an ultra-high-speed wind tunnel at the University of Tokyo’s Okashiwa campus (Chiba prefecture). In the tests, the origami glider — which is shaped like the Space Shuttle and has been treated to withstand intense heat — will be subjected to wind speeds of Mach 7, or about 8,600 kilometers (5,300 miles) per hour.

A large spacecraft such as the Space Shuttle can reach speeds of up to Mach 20 (over 15,200 mph) when it re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere, and friction with the air heats the outer surface to extreme temperatures. The much lighter origami aircraft, which the researchers claim will come down more slowly, is not expected to burn up on re-entry.

No launch date has been set for the paper spaceplane, but Shinji Suzuki, an aerospace engineering professor at the University of Tokyo, is thinking ahead. “We hope the space station crew will write a message of peace on the plane before they launch it,” says Suzuki. “We don’t know where in the world the plane will land, but it would be nice to send a message to whoever finds it.”

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Japanese researchers sure have a lot of money on their hands to design a high-tech paper spaceplane just to throw it back to Earth. Heck, I thought it would come with GPS or something – those peeps don’t even know where it’ll land!

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ultra HD anybody?

January 15, 2008 at 5:13 am (jap, news, tech, wow) (, , )

Just when the world is looking on at the unfolding HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray drama, this rabbit gets pulled out of the hat :

Mon Jan 14, 12:53 AM ET

TOKYO (AFP) – The Japanese government will begin a joint project with private companies to develop technology for next-generation ultra high-definition video, a daily newspaper report said Monday. The communications ministry also aims to begin broadcasting with the system in 2015 and internationally standardised the Japanese technology, the Yomiuri Shimbun said without citing sources.

The technology, to be called “Super Hi-Vision”, could show images of about 33 million pixels, 16 times more than the present Hi-Vision technology, a high-definition TV technology developed by public broadcaster NHK, it said.

The ministry was expected to spend 300 million yen (2.7 million dollars) on start-up research starting from the fiscal year in April, it said.

No comment on the report was available from the ministry on Monday, a public holiday in Japan.

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Looks good no? No, I meant the TV of course..

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